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Zack Bracket DMD


Achieving my goal of becoming a dentist and orthodontist has been the most enjoyable and rewarding experience of my life.  Getting into dental school is a daunting task that would be near impossible without mentors to help show you the way. Mentoring colleagues to help get them into and through dental school has always been a passion of mine. 

There is no cookie cutter path that will guarantee an acceptance to dental school, but I can assure you that my unique knowledge and experience with admissions will get you an acceptance to dental school. If not, then I promise you free consulting for the following year*

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As an Interviewee

As a Pre-Dental student, I applied to 11 dental schools and received 7 interviews: LECOM, MWU-Az, Temple, Tufts, UNLV, VCU, and WVU.

  • Received 6 out of 7 acceptances

  • Visited over 25 different programs

  • Met one-on-one with multiple admissions directors

  • I have been involved in numerous interviews for orthodontic residency and private practice

What I Can Do for You?

There are general strategies to get into and through dental school that you can find for free online and through networking. The service I offer is customized consulting specific to your scenario through the eyes of a dentist who worked on an admissions committee for years. These services include, but not limited to:

- General Advising

- AADSAS Application Review and Editing

- Personal Statement Review and Editing

- School Application List Advising

- Mock Interviews

*Free package deal only applies if you already purchased a package and applied to at least 5 schools that I recommend.

As an Interviewer

I had the privilege of being the elected Class Chair of a Dental School Admissions Committee for 3 years. I had numerous admissions duties including:

- Reviewing pre-dental student applications

- Interviewing over 100 dental school candidates

- Regularly working side-by-side with the head admissions faculty

- Voting on acceptances/wait-listing/declinations in our bi-weekly admissions committee meetings

Working on the committee gave me a unique insight into the admissions process that most dental students are not exposed to. I became involved in admissions because I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams. Working as a general dentist in private practice is great, but I realized that I want to continue to mentor people who are looking to become dentists or beyond!

How to Contact Me

If you are interested, first send an email to

Once we get started, I can work around whichever form of contact works out best for you. Text, phone calls, FaceTime will all be viable options for consulting.

I would like to get to know who I'm working with then we'll determine if you would be a good candidate for my help.

Once we work out the initial details we can start the process of getting into dental school!

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