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Over the years, I helped a variety of friends, family, and clients on their academic journey. Here is what they have to say about my consulting:

Jastej K. - 

"I could write sooo much about Zack and how helpful he is - but I tried to keep it brief as possible!

Zack is truly one of the greatest mentors I have come across in my journey to gaining admission into a highly competitive graduate program. As a re-applicant, I came to Zack as my last source of hope to fulfill my dreams.  Not only did he built my confidence as an applicant, he looked over each and every section of my application making sure it was 200% of my best work. After three interviews this cycle and getting into one of my top programs, I can truly say that Zack is highly knowledgeable and an excellent resource for any student that needs that an extra boost to their application to make them shine. I am so grateful to him for being that mentor in my life that pushed me to achieve my dreams."

Mallory K. - 

"Before I received Zack’s advice, I was overwhelmed with the application process. Zack gave me excellent guidance on how to highlight my strengths, improve my weaknesses, and write my best personal statement. He was very responsive and gave one-hundred percent effort every time he was helping me. He was very detail-oriented with every portion of my application and interview practice. He gave me so much dental knowledge and advice. He is highly familiar with the application process and with his help, I felt confident going into my interviews. I was accepted by my top-choice dental program. He made my application process much less stressful. I am so thankful for all of Zack’s help!"

Sarah H. - 

Zack helped me craft my application to dental school with his invaluable guidance and support. He provided great feedback and perspective on the entire application and interview process. He encouraged me to let my true self show throughout my application.

Ethan T. - 

"Dr. Neitzey is a caring, experienced, and intelligent adviser that knows the ins and outs of dental admissions. In addition to giving key advice throughout the dental admissions process, Dr. Neitzey is readily available to talk, no matter the time of day or day of the week. Dr. Neitzey is committed to his students and that is what stands out the most. Although my early undergraduate grades were not stellar, I was accepted into a competitive program."

Alan L. - 

"Dr. Neitzey knows his way around a personal statement. He provided such dedicated attention to my application and spent time with me to discuss anything I needed. He provided great examples of personal statements to give me an understanding of how to put together my thoughts for my personal statement.

Some people do not know where to start when they’re trying to apply, and with Dr. Neitzey’s guidance, I am sure students will be able to improve their applications. He understands what is needed to allow applicants to put their best foot forward and show to admissions committees that they are ready to tackle the next challenge."

Rebecca M. -

​ Pediatrician once told me that they went to med-school because they could not get into veterinary school. With 28 Veterinary schools in the U.S. and 154 Medical Schools getting into Veterinary school felt daunting. Luckily, I met Dr. Neitzey and he helped direct me on my application. Applying to school there is so much pressure and it is helpful to have someone with experience guide you to what schools are really looking for on an application. Even if pre-dental is not your path Zack is versatile and will help you meet your goal. Just as he does with teeth, Dr. Neitzey will make you shine!

Paulina K. -

"Dr. Zack Neitzey has great experience working with admissions for dental school. He is familiar with what qualities and characteristics stand out and was very helpful in helping me tailor my personal statement to get into the dental program of my choice. He is very fair, reasonable, and matter of fact. I am confident his skills will be very helpful in preparing you to get into dental school."

Colleen Y. -

"Dr. Neitzey is one of my favorite people I’ve ever met. No one will push you, motivate, or inspire you as much as Zack when he is helping you reach your goals. He breaks complex things down into simple and therefore possible terms which is why he is such an asset. He has proven to be more than well-versed in the dental application process and with his work ethic, he can translate that into success for anyone! Zack helped me to work more effectively, his methods portraying the phrase – work smart not hard. I still get great advice from him and would recommend him to anyone."

Will H. -

"Zack helped me a lot during all 4 years of dental school. He has a way of sifting through large amounts of information and extracting the most relevant topics that are likely to appear on exams. Before every exam he would lead study sessions in the format of lecture and Q&A with groups of 4 to 10 people, going off of flash cards that he had made for each class. He knows how to excel in dental school and he can definitely coach anyone into optimizing their acceptance chances."

Michelle N. - 

"​Zack is an active listener who uses his experience with interviews intelligently to guide you in the right direction. He helped me prepare for interviews by asking me the questions that I needed most help with, listened to my responses, and helped me improve each answer. The session was a team effort that either left me feeling like I had a really good response or at least that I knew what I needed to work on. I ended up getting into the schools I interviewed with, and at least in part I have Zack to thank for that."

Terrence L. -

"Zack is an amazing person who has helped me in more ways than one. He assisted me with my college education by being a consistent study partner and holding me accountable. We have meaningful discussions about finance and social interactions. Zack is a well rounded individual with limitless potential. You will not regret crossing paths with this lad."

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